Why Gun Control is Illogical and Will Not Keep You Safe

Gun Control

When there is a shooting in America there is always a debate that rises first from the left and of course creating opposition from the right. With the recent leftist terror attack on a Republican senator, it has the left crying out for more gun control. This cry for the destruction of the Second Amendment is irrational and will only lead a downfall of a people, yet most on the left do not see this. So it is appropriate to not only express this through past incidents but philosophically as well.

Starting at home here in the U.S. the shooting that comes to mind, in relation to gun control, is the San Bernardino terrorist attack. The golden state of California has the strictest gun control laws within the United States full of gun free zones, yet this did not deter a couple of radical Muslims from killing people in an office building. If they had not been stopped by men with guns then they would have made Riverside City College their next target. With all the gun laws in place, it could not stop radical Islamic terrorists from killing with guns.

Even outside the United States of America gun control laws do nothing to stop shootings. Paris, France has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world even compared to California, yet on November 13, 2015, their gun laws could not stop ISIS militants from causing chaos with not only assault rifles but with explosives as well. Now, if more of the French people had guns on them that day maybe fewer people would have died.

Look at our neighbors south of the border, Mexico. Believe it or not, but Mexico has gun laws if not similar to then just like France. Despite Mexico’s strong gun legislation deaths due to gun violence in their drug war has steadily increased to 164,345 living souls since 2007. This number surpasses the civilian death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan! Again, the gun control laws do not work.

There are many more cases that can speak to the ridiculousness that is gun control, but what does the law have to say about this? Along with gun control, the left begs for gun confiscation altogether. Basically meaning a round up of every American’s firearm. Of course, this would me a major violation of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. That’s not all. A gun confiscation would violate the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Bill of Rights. Confiscation of American firearms would be such a huge violation of citizens rights and such violation of the Constitution of the United States of America that no U.S. citizen would peacefully give up their firearm defense.

Beyond evidence and law, this debate must be looked at philosophically. In matters such as these one must look to the Natural Law. The Natural Law is a philosophical idea of a self-evident set of parameters that keeps sentient beings’ reality in alignment with their consciousness. The Law shows that when human beings keep their consciousness in check everyone can live happily with freedoms. It recognizes that when we live freely without encroaching on others freedoms or bringing harm to their physical being then you are in harmony with the law – you are moral. Taking the gun control debate and looking at it through the lens of the Natural Law you find gun control is immoral.  You have the right to protect yourself under the Natural Law. Of course, it would be immoral to bring harm to anyone with this gun, but you should have it as protection from anyone who would commit this immoral action of harming another. There is also the right of ownership. You are allowed to own what you like as long as it is not another sentient being and not being forcefully taken from another individual – no enslavement and no stealing. Morally you cannot take others weapons, especially against their will.

Logically, gun control will not work. A would-be attacker could pick up a knife and start stabbing people which is exactly what happened at the University of Texas at Austin. Kendrex White did not use a handgun, no hunting rifle, and definitely not an assault rifle. No, he used what was described as a “Bowie-style” knife. Some could argue then outlaw knives as well, but at what point would it stop? Eventually, it would continue to the point of outlaw things to where you cannot eat solid foods for fear of killing someone with a frozen meat, and cannot go outside for fear of someone fashionings weapons out of sticks and stones. That would be absolutely ridiculous.

Gun control is ultimately people control, and it is not people or guns that need to be controlled. No, we need to not control, but to teach proper morality harmonic to the Natural Law. People need to take responsibility for their lives and it’s defense, get a gun, and learn to use it. That is the most logical thing to do. You cannot allow your life to lie in the hands of misguided ideology. When it comes down to it in the first few minutes of a mass attack you will wish you would have headed this common sense advice.


Some information in this article was found on InfoWars.


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