You Have a Sovereign Mind, but Who is in Control?

mind control

Most of us have come to that blatant conclusion that without our knowledge the government with the help of the technocracy is spying on us and collecting our information. There is always something else… a truth that stays stuck to the belly of any beast that pulls itself from the tar filled pit of elitists’ minds. That parasitic creature that lies on the belly of their beast that spies on us is control! After everything is in place for the global elite all they will have is complete control; although, it may seem we will be seeing that day sooner than most could have imagined,

Our forefathers have fought so hard for the protection of putting sound and free mind to paper, and most of us seek to see that protection stay in place in this modern era. What we never thought to see was the government and technocracy being able to actually censor our mind from the source, our brain.  According to the Independent, this is a soon to come reality. The article was highlighting a paper that ethicists had compiled about the ethics of modern neurotechnology and how it can encroach one’s “right to mental integrity”. Can you believe such a phrase? We are finally at the point where the suppressors can now read our minds. An ethicist that authored the paper said this,

“We suggest that in response to emerging neurotechnology possibilities, the right to mental integrity should not exclusively guarantee protection from mental illness or traumatic injury but also from unauthorised intrusions into a person’s mental wellbeing performed through the use of neurotechnology, especially if such intrusions result in physical or mental harm to the neurotechnology user.”

This is a serious threat to all of us, to our state of being, and being able to be in gnosis. Just like their technology that is able to spy on us stealthily this mind censoring technology could have the same abilities as well;

“illicit intrusions into a person’s mental privacy may not necessarily involve coercion, as they could be performed under the threshold of a persons’ conscious experience.”

This technology seems to be quite far fetched. Connecting neuro prosthesis technology to mind control technology of the “future”, but the reality is that the future is already here. In 2013, Harvard created a computer that can be accessed by the brain. The researchers were able to link the brain of a man with a rat which gave the man the ability to move the tail of the rat.

We also have technology that connects our lightbulbs to wifi and computers. These light bulbs are easy to hack into and manipulate. With the ability to send signals and frequencies through the air via wifi to your computer why not our light bulbs? Then we would have to be careful of not only our computers but the light bulbs around us both in private and public! It would be easy for the government to use these types of light bulbs in the public light posts claiming it is for the sake of convenience. In reality is to be able to reach as much of the population as they possibly can.

Understanding the power of frequency over the mind really helps one see the gravity of this situation. I even wrote in the “Electric Magick Theory” how not only does the human mind have the ability to stimulate and manipulate such electrical forces to make magick but how we are also manipulated by these forces. This is something real and needs to be dealt with now before something truly terrible happens. This is not because we should be afraid of what they hear from our minds, but it is what they can make us do against our Creator given will. Think about that. Better yet imagine this scenario: You are sitting in your house, watching YouTube, and a commercial comes on it’s McDonald’s. You think about how amazing your life and health has been since you have given up on fast food almost two years ago. You have absolutely no craving for the fake food, but then next thing you know you are walking into your house paper bag in hand with big golden arches on them. You shake your head smiling at yourself remembering how much you craved the greasy food; although, did you not just tell yourself that this is something you do not even want… you do not know, and you really do not care. You sit down and eat your McDonald’s.  What you did not realize is that McDonald’s had put in a hidden message using a combination of neurotechnology and a form of frequency emitting technology to hack your mind and override your ability to control your will. This is all done by the use of electromagnetism, but why take my word for it? Here is a patent that was written by a researcher paid to make this technology: Patent US 6506148 B2.

This is the type of situation that we must prevent for a multitude of reasoning; although, it may seem mild to those who brush off information like the “Vault 7” leaks, but to those who realize the implications of such technology must make a voice about this. This technology might be used mildly at first, but it will grow from there and start showing its true colors much like how Facebook and Google grew into tools of censorship. We are to have a sovereign mind, but we are to be the kings and queens of the kingdom that is our mind, not anyone else. The future of our species depends on the right of mental sovereignty.


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