Why Solitary Magick Will Never Be As Powerful As Communal Magick

s c magick

There is no point in denying that there ae secret orders and some not so secret anymore, and the influence of the orders are quite widespread and uncannily strong. It is only but a dream that a solitary practitioner should reach such a level of power, but inevitably never will. Why? Of course, there are more magicians/wizards/witches working together toward a common goal, but there are key reasons why magick works like this. This will also reveal a truth about the nature of magick and humanity.

If you have read my past article “The Electric Magick Theory” you will find that the human body as one huge fractal antenna sending and receiving energetic messages constantly. This is the first truth of why communal magick reaches much higher spires than solitary practices. When our biological antennas are focused on the same frequency working as one larger antenna it makes a greater impact creating more influence over the energies that are being used in whatever project is being taken on. At least this is the goal. It is important to understand that everyone has the ability to work dynamically and have prejudices against each other in any form.

As you can see there is also a psychological factor behind the strength of communal magick. Simply put, if the group believes it to be stronger because they are working together then so shall it be.  Of course, there is more it at its most basic level that is the truth. The solitary practitioner is working on themselves much like each individual within the group that is working together to perform the same ritual that the solitary practitioner is performing, but the greatest difference between the solitary and communal practitioners is that the group has a support system while the solitary practitioner is left alone with their own insecurities. This truly makes a difference. As I stated in “The Electric Magick Theory”,

“thoughts create a specific neural activity that sends our will through our body. Once the whole body is in alignment with your will, which is being carried by the synaptic electrical charges, the biofield is then programmed by the changing electrical activity within the body.”

So as you can see the way one feels and thinks is VERY imperative in the magick operation. The slightest bit of negative and egoic thought will break the continuity of the operation.

By nature, it makes more sense for humans to practice magick in a communal form, for we are communal creatures. It’s the reason why most religious ceremonies are done in a communal setting. As Aristotle stated,

 Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human.

Humans are by no means gods, but when humanity works together we wield the power of a god.  It is obvious that most people recognize the physical power of numbers. So it is only natural to see that magick operations gain more power as more people join in.

With all of this stated it is not to stop or shame those who practice solitarily. Rather, it is important to have a healthy mix of working alone and working with others. You will see the difference in what each form of practice or experimentation has to offer.


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