The Sacred Masculine and Feminine: Understanding the Duality of Consciousness


When studying magick, how to manifest, and the balanced duality that is everything, we run across the concept of the sacred masculine and feminine. Occulted books spend many pages using spiritual jargon, that usually leaves many confused upon one’s first time trying to understand the concept, for the purpose of keeping such revelation occulted, but what does it truly mean to have the sacred masculine and feminine in harmony within oneself?  A myriad of magicians would have you believe it be purely mystical mumbo-jumbo that I would consider a form of naive new age thoughtlessness and diversion from the truth. The truth about the sacred genders within each human may seem deceivingly simple, but when it is applied to your life along with the Natural Law you will begin to truly manifest organically as the new age lie of the law of attraction states.

As I have expressed in my other posts that the Natural Law is always ever present, for it is through its understanding that brings balance to the duality in life. With all duality there arises opposition, and it is the Natural Law that keeps duality in order by defining what is wrong and what is right. To put it more simply, the Natural Law is the ability to be and live as you shall choose as long as it does not interfere with another’s ability to do so as well bringing no harm to other sentient beings, and with such freedom comes the right to defend oneself when acted upon by an aggressor. Understanding this to your very core brings balance to the sacred masculine and feminine, but are they? Why the true concept of the sacred genders is within the Natural Law itself, but let me explain.

The sacred feminine has been made into many allegorical figures such as the Virgin Mother Mary, Isis Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Sophia Lady of Wisdom, etc. Each archetypal figure has an underlying message one so obvious it mostly goes unnoticed leading to literalist understanding. So, what is the underlying message of the sacred feminine? with complete honesty it is nonaggression. Many characteristics fall under the feminine frequency of being such as wisdom, compassion, empathy, tolerance, etc, but it all comes from a place of nonaggression. When the sacred feminine is channeled in an imbalanced manner, the feminine frequency being the most dominant trait, it will manifest as absolute nonaction. Complacency, victimhood, and ignorance, all being a state of self-destruction, become ingrained into the personality of one who is spiritually imbalanced towards the sacred feminine. The balanced sacred feminine understanding is part of the Natural Law that knows not to encroach upon another sentient beings rights.

The sacred masculine is the polar opposite characterized the likes of Oden the All-Father,  Jesus Christ the Savior, Zeus God of Law and Order, etc. The truth that this sacred gender holds is the understanding is defensive action or action in order to defend what is right. Other characteristics that hold masculine vibration is knowledge, logic, loyalty, honor, etc. The sacred masculine does not sit back waiting for someone else to do what is right; no, the masculine mode of thinking tells one to take action. The sacred masculine recognizes its purpose to be a defender, guardian, and or savior. When one lives more in a hyper-masculine imbalanced state of mind one becomes inappropriately aggressive, violent, cold, and a sycophant. The sacred masculine when balanced is the understanding within the Natural Law that you have the right to defend what is right.

Notice that throughout my explanation of the sacred genders I never made the claim that society favors one gender’s mind of thinking than the other, for, in reality, both are in complete imbalance. Do we not see major violence perpetrated by brother and stranger alike, and all the while we have the people of nations who are in complete fear of their own governments. Never listen to the fallacy that the fault of all evil is patriarchy for even this statement is created from the imbalance of both genders.

When these sacred genders are in complete balance you gain the ability to clearly manifest with the ability to clear opposition with ease. It does not negate opposition, for the existence of opposition is a reality of duality. The is right and then there is wrong. There is moral, and then there is immoral.  Liberty and encroachment. With the complete understanding of the Natural Law and bringing balance to the internal masculine and feminine all that you truly desire so shall you have.

The truth and summation of all of this being care.


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