Electric Magick Theory


Almost every book you pick up that is related to magick will have their own theory of what magick is and how it works. Some books will say magick is all mental – powered only by will which is then carried through with a psychic link, some will say that it is spiritual – meaning that there are spiritual forces at work that make magick work, and then there is the idea that magick is purely psychological – the person’s universe is only changed because they reprogrammed their mind. All three theories have merit and truth, but with that said, I believe these theories are incorrect in how they are explained and their relationship with one another. This is why I have come up with the Electric Magick Theory.

To even begin my explanation of my Electric Magick Theory we must take a look at a scientific subject that has been pushed under the rug for far too long, yet this subject is making huge waves in the explanation of how the Universe works. Of course, I am talking about the Electric Universe Theory. This theory states that the simplest form of matter is electricity and that it is held together and forms specific geometric shapes by a magnetic field in relation to a specific number of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Not only that, but electromagnetic fields create the form of both stars and planets. There are actually magnetic and electrical experiments that showcase these theories in perfect action (1). The Electric Universe Theory (EUT) also recognizes plasma as a very valid phase of matter where in most schools one will learn that plasma is a speculative and not a well-known phase.  This is far from the truth and complicated theorems, formulas, or experiments will not explain it because scientists who have made these have not had their mind in the right mode of thought. See, where Isaac Newton thought that gravity was reliant on mass surmising that gravity is gravity because of gravity is totally false. In reality, ”gravity is due to radially oriented electrostatic dipoles inside the Earth’s protons, neutrons, and electrons. The force between any two aligned electrostatic dipoles varies inversely as the fourth power of the distance between them and the combined force of similarly aligned electrostatic dipoles over a given surface is squared” (2). It is because of die-hard Newtonians and those who misconstrue the relationship between mass and matter who are keeping back the progress of this theory from becoming the new revolutionary view on the world. Simply put, everything is electricity.

Now that we have a good idea of the Electric Universe Theory let us look at the recent and old studies that show a relationship between magnetism, electricity, and the human body. Working from the inside out our first case is the human DNA. As everyone knows Deoxyribonucleic Acid, DNA is what makes up every bit of our physical body, from the hair on your head to the tips of your toes. The DNA multiplies through the help of RNA so that we can form new cells. What is so interesting is that scientists have found that DNA is electrically conductive. Scientists have found that DNA is manipulated so electrically where the electrical currents scan the DNA and foreign DNA to recognize whether the DNA is damaged or there to harm the host body (3). Also in 2011 a group of scientists found that DNA works much like a fractal antenna (4). “A fractal antenna is an antenna that uses a fractal, self-similar design to maximize the length or increase the perimeter (on inside sections or the outer structure), of material that can receive or transmit electromagnetic radiation within a given total surface area or volume” (5). Even our body needs electricity to do the beyond microscopic processes essential for life. This use of electricity in the human body is also held in the brain. Our brain, as most of us have learned in high school is made up of a multitude of neurons. These neurons send messages to each other in a process with an electrical signal, synapses (6). These electrical codes in the brain tell our arms to move, eyes to blink, heart to beat, abdomen to move up and down, etc. But, even our thoughts change the whole frequency of the electrical signals, and vice versa. A study published in 2015 shows that memories and thoughts alter brain waves and that the influence of specific frequencies can in hand alter these thoughts and memory (7). These electrical signals are fundamental to our very thoughts and body functions. Even our eyes supposedly have a sense for magnetism. An article was written in 2016 depicts a scientists studies of human magnetoreception. The Article goes off to explain that humans have the ability to recognize magnetic fields through a magnetoreception molecule found in the eyes which send signals to the brain (8). What about outside the body? For years spiritualities speculated that there is an energy field that surrounds the body what some may call the aura. This made people wonder for years if this is true or not. What science has found in that certain imaging techniques can show the biofield or aura, and that certain energy therapies using one’s biofield to manipulate another’s biofield have been effective in the management of pain, anxiety cardiovascular disease, etc (9). All of this is evidence that electricity is not only a basic and pertinent force in the Universe but also in the human body.

We are finally at the point to where I can connect all of this in relation to magick, for all of the above information is so vital to the Electric Magick Theory. I am sure by now everyone in the magickal community can agree that everything and everyone is connected to the Universe and everything in it. I mean it is this strong belief that has made up most of the Hermetic laws and principles. I say, here and now, that this connection and energy that is so deeply rooted in magick is electricity! Yes, electricity is the driving force of magick and science is just now catching up with magick to make the great convergence of the esoteric and exoteric once again. When we are doing magick, of course, we are thinking and getting ourselves into mindsets such as Gnosis, void thought, etc. These thoughts create a specific neural activity that sends our will through our body. Once the whole body is in alignment with your will, which is being carried by the synaptic electrical charges, the biofield is then programmed by the changing electrical activity within the body. As the biofield is now programmed at a specific frequency it vibrates your will towards the appropriate electromagnetic path. So, in reality, the whole Universe acts as one large brain with human beings, animals, and objects acting as synaptic receptors, which only solidifies the gnostic thought of being one with God. This is the reason why when someone is making magick they can feel it. It is not just a physiological response due to changing brain waves brought on by emotion; no, it is a real physical thing that can be shared. Tools and other items use as correspondence only amplify these electrical and magnetic process, which is why they are so useful in magick.

In conclusion, magickal energy is electricity that is magnetically manipulated by one’s ability to harness their electrical processes to reflect their will into our reality. In a sense, electricity is the soul of man. Everything spiritual is done electrical on this dimension. How curious that in the past evidence has shown that the ancients learned to harness electricity. So it is not doubtful that electricity is the key to existence. All life is electrical.


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