The Natural Law and Magick


The Natural Law is an undeniable law such as the laws of physics. It is a raw and unforgiving law that gives us the reality and truth of life. It brings harmony to the life of the mundane, but what does it bring to magick? Like any part of life the Natural Law is present, and those in rhythm with the law their comes in alignment with the true will of the universe. The Natural Law in magick presents to us, neutrality, a balance, and protects individuality at the same time promoting community.

The Natural Law and magick are neutral concepts. In both concepts, there is no dark nor light, good or evil, and no sin to be reconciled with a higher being. No matter the argument or what others will try to spin magick cannot be broken up into two different alignments: black and white. Such is a perversion of magick, for it is not in the nature of magick to be one thing or the other. Magick is to be focused by the caster, and it is only the caster who creates an alignment for themselves. Now, for clarity’s sake, if the caster uses curses s/he should still not be considered a dark practitioner or a light practitioner, but it is their reasoning that makes them one way or the other. For example, if one is cheated out of a promotion due to their peer’s sexual favors for the boss then is it no wrong to say that their peer was wrongfully promoted; yes, and it is up to that magician to settle the imbalance that that person had created by climbing the corporate ladder in an unfair manner. That magician will most likely use a curse rightfully so. One could argue that there still is a separation due to the way the operator will seal the energy. Those who claim they practice “white” magick will seal their spells in such a way, “as it harms none so mote it be.” According to them this separates them from the manipulation they had just committed, but whether they had ended up harming a person by their will or not is completely the issue; the “white” magick they had just performed still manipulated someone in some manner. The “black” caster can do the same thing with their spells without sealing their spell in the same way they just program the spell to be innocuous itself and then seal the spell. The only way one could be considered dark is that they have no just reasoning behind their actions, but again that is on the person having nothing to do with a form of magick. Truly, as is the Natural Law, magick is a neutral force of nature.

Now, before going further, one must realize that the Natural Law does not ignore evil. No, it teaches that evil is an intention and how a sentient being acts out these intentions; therefore, how one programs their magick CAN BE EVIL. If a magician begins sacrificing people then undoubtedly this magician is evil and is most vile. There is a line and it is not thin. Bringing death to another sentient being is evil. Ending a life, when they have not committed an evil themselves, is evil. Especially magicianship that calls for the young. This is most heinous. I truly believe an individual who practices magick like this becomes cursed. This may sound like superstition, but if you refer to my post “Electric Magick Theory” you find that all life is energy works on a law of magnetism. The negative energies that are attracted to this kind of magick sticks to you.  It changes your magnetic nature, for your psychological nature, if not before your first sacrifice, has been totally corrupted.

This brings us to a balance and harmony that is to be found in our magickal lives through the Natural Law. The Natural Law, as is magick, is a reinforcement of the free will. With one’s free will there are certain responsibilities and rights one has to uphold and protect. It is your responsibility to make sure no one treads upon your free will, and it is your right to rectify anyone who does so. As Crowley famously wrote “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.” Yes, Crowley channeled very evil rituals, but some of his words hold truth. That is the problem with anyone channeling and not being balanced in the natural law – you also begin to channel death and chaos. It is care or love, both being the same concept, that is the core of the will of the universe, and it is care that is the core of the foundation of magick which gives us the true balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of the art. Feminine recognizing to not be aggressive and be patient, and while the masculine aspect is the action and defense. The true free will is in alignment with the universal forces. Understanding this one sees the truth in karma.

In the same right, we find that the Natural Law protects individuality and magick being a catalyst for it. As I had described before the Natural Law protects one’s free will and is not of your free will where your individuality is created; yes, and this is so when we create our own practice or tradition. It makes sense that almost all magicians would describe magick as a way of using their will to manipulate energies around them to make their intentions come to fruition. In this description, it shows that magick is not attached specifically to a literalist ideology as for where Wicca, Hoodoo, voodoo, kabbalah, etc… all describe something specific, a specific system of magick. In the same way magick and the Natural musters individuality it also creates community. It is really just a use of free will and how it works with a group setting. You will find the Natural Law in almost every group setting, but within magick, it is more apparently so especially since it is a path of self-growth. Free will, rights, and harmony are to be protected more so in these type of situations than you would see alone or one-on-one.

It is apparent that we should all as human beings live within the Natural Law to have a life that is in harmony and enjoyable, but there is something to be said for the caster who practices within the Law. So much so that the most powerful witches, wizards, sorcerers, mages, etc. are followers of the Natural Law in some manner. Live within the Law and give yourself no limitations. Give into the ebb and flow of nature, and experience your humanity in totality.


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